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Medicare and other insurances will cover non-emergency ambulance services if:​

It is medically necessary, Meaning that an ambulance is the only safe way to transport you and the reason for your trip is to recieve a service or return from a service that you need, you are transported to and from certain locations, and the supplier meets ambulance requirements.

Non emergency ambulance benefits are limited 

Services may be covered if 

  • You are bed confined (unable to get up from bed without help, unable to walk, and unable to sit in a chair or wheelchair, or
  • You need vital medical services during your trip that are only available in an ambulance, such as administration of oxygen or monitoring of vital functions. 

A physicians certification statement (PCS) form is normally required for non-emergency transports to be covered

Please contact your insurance provider for further information. 

Insurance Information 

Leopard Medical Transport is a private provider of non-emergency ambulance services throughout Marion County, Florida. 

Basic Life Support Transports 

Private transports (local or long distances) 

Interfacility transports 

Dialysis, chemotheraphy and other transports that require medical supervision 

Hospice transports 

Psychiatric transports 

Bariatric transports 

Medical Standby for any special event 

Sporting Events 


Parties / Gatherings 

First Aid Stations 

​Fairs / Carnivals